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Gartmorn and its Railway History

Gartmorn Dam

Since the Early 1800's Gartmorn Dam North Shore was part of the Stirling and Dunfermline Railway line which connected Central Scotland particularly Alloa and Stirling and outlining areas to the network which included Sauchie's  coal mining pit infrastructure

Gartmorn Mining Pit 

Longcarse to Alloa—Stirling Road;
Devon Colliery Tramway crossing
Sauchie—Shavellhaugh Eoad; Devon
Colliery Tramway crossing Auchinbaird
—Whityett Eoad; Devon Colliery
Tramway crossing New Sauchie Eoad;
Sheriffyards Colliery Eailway crossing
track from Gartmorn Farm; London
and North Eastern Eailway (Stirling
and Dunfermline Section) crossing
Eoad from Cambus to Stirling—Alloa
Eoad; London Midland and Scottish
Eailway crossing road from Longcarse
at Longcarse Junction.

Parish of Alva<—
London and North Eastern Eailway
(Alva Branch) crossing track leading
southwards from Keverkae; London
and North Eastern Eailway (Alva
Branch) crossing footpath from Damsburn to Glenochil Distillery; London
and North Eastern Eailway crossing
road from Malthouse Dams to Glenochil Distillery.

Parish of Clackmannan—
Sheriffyards Colliery railway crossing
track from Sheriffyards to Gartmorn'
Farm; Mineral railway crossing Alloa
—Clackmannan Eoad; Mineral railway crossing track from Parkhill to
Clackmannan; Mineral railway from
Clackmannan Colliery crossing road
to Kenetpans; London and North
Eastern Eailway crossing road from
Gartfinnan to boundary of parish.

Parish of Tillicoultry—
London and North Eastern Eailway
crossing track from. Mellochfoot to
Dollar—Tillicoultry Eoad. '

Details copied from Scotland's Railway History Archive

Devon Colliery
Opened before the iron works, originally called the Sauchie Colliery.
Line opened from Devon pit and ironworks; Sauchie to Clackmannan Pier.
Closed, due to Stirling and Dunfermline Railways Branch from Alloa to Tillicoultry being opened.
Devon Colliery
Re-opened by the Alloa Coal Company, the pit called Furnacebank. The beam engine was brought into use. There was a pit at Crophill (by Sauchie Tower and to the west of Furnacebank) linked to Furnacebank by rail.
Sauchie station closed.
Sauchie Training Centre
Established at former Bevin hostel in Sauchie. Face training as carried out at Muircockhall pit in Dunfermline.
Sauchie Training Centre

Garmorn rail mining infrastructure 

People have therefore passed through Gartmorn Dam for many years and witnessed its beauty

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