Monday, 1 April 2013

This has to Stop Clean Scotland

This has to stop

As I continue on my John Muir Conserver Award Journey, my relationship with Gartmorn Dam deepens.

I am falling in love more and more with her beauty, her scenery, her sense of place, her wildness. As any good partner would do I also wish to conserve and maintain the relationship I have with her an as part of this I have discovered wanton dumping of rubbish in her forests, along her paths, in her very fibre which angers me and frustrates me in equal measure.

I went on a wee walk today with Litter picker, 2 bags, and gloves. Within the hour I had collected 2 full bags of rubbish, crisp packets, droppings, blue bags, bottles, cans, paper, just in a small area surrounding the ancient forest.

We are killing our environment our flora and fauna with this pollution. Wake up and smell the stench of waste. Stop the drop of your rubbish. Follow my example. When you…. yes you….. Next walk around the dam….. Take a bag with you and take your rubbish with you when you leave.

If you love the dam as much as I do don’t just get angry get picking. Speak to the Ranger Service; they can give you bags, litter pickers, etc. Commit to picking up a bag of rubbish. If every visitor just did just one we would collect 100,000 bags of rubbish. Just think about that the next time you get lazy and drop your rubbish

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