Thursday, 31 January 2013

Winter at Gartmorn


Gloves on, hat on, boots on.......... check

Camera charged....... keys........ and off I went exploring and discovering Gartmorn Dam at winter time

It was just after a heavy snowfall and conditions were perfect

My first thought on arrival at the dam, its alive even in the midst of winter nature is very much alive

I have fallen in love with the Beauty on my own back yard, something in my Heart has been captured and refuses to let me go and to honest I don't want to be let go. Gartmorn surrounds me like a blanket offers me comfort even on the coldest of days, the child in me wants to explore run wild take loads of photos take it all in. The adult in me says watch where you tread be careful I am on sacred nesting grounds for our wild geese and ducks resting during their winter sojourn

The paths invite me to walk them 

tread careful every step leaves a footprint

water turns to magical glassy sheen viola Dancing on Ice Gartmorn style

and all the while the child explores and leaves its mark on nature 

all is alive all is well nature as well as life moves and I am part of it joined to it 

Nothing in nature or life stays still this place moves me looses me within its fabric and  I am re-energized re-vitalized renewed, healed 

The ancient forest is still waiting for the first buds of spring

Even now it thaws moves loosens its ice grip soon it will awake 

I leave this place comforted connected renewed healed rested and happy 

All is well with the world 

Nature is moving waking living breathing

If you don't believe me

Come and see for your self 

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