Sunday, 17 February 2013

A walk in Ancient Woods

Come on a walk with me in Ancient Woods

Sit and Let Nature come to you

Be embraced by Nature, Let it move you, heal you, re-create you, spend some time in its company

Let the ancient woodland of old come alive for you, envelope you, capture you by its majestic beauty

Smile at the antics of the Teal

Be in Awe of The Hunters of The sky 

Spring comes  soon Snowdrops emerge

Runners, Walkers, Dog Walkers, Talkers, Riders, Bikers, Drivers, Fishers, Baby Carriers, Thinkers, Visitors, Natives, Horse Riders, Romantics, Picnicers,
 let you all come and partake of this Jewel's glorious wonders

Mr Robin bids you welcome

The forest opens its arms in invitation to you

Come on a Journey with me through Ancient Woods

February 2013


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